Fridge & Freezer Video

So I got a request to do a “whats in your fridge & freezer” video. So I did of course! =-D
Please keep in mind before watching this video, no one is perfect, plus I have to share my apartment with my husband and step son. I also did not clean out or organize my fridge before I shot this video, so yes it looks a little messy but again… sharing apartment. o.O

In order (I transcribed from the video) heres what I had:

ice, ice packs, frozen dates
bag peaches, mixed berry, frozen carrot, green beans, spinach, corn
peas, morning star meal starters, frozen squid
blueberries, beef bones, shrimps, tilapia fillets, 2.2lb ground beef,
1pound bell peppers, egg rolls (about 20), vegan ckn patty, 2 vegan patties,
vegan rib, premade pancakes, gyoza skins, frozen gyoza, 2 bags sliced beef,
3 bags bacon, 9 leg quarts chicken, premade turkey patties,
minched chicken + leftovers, wings.


beans, lemon juice, taco sauce, salsa, hersey syrup, jalepnos, meds,
ginger, white meso packet, cheese x 3 shredded, yeast, sour cream,
milk, chili sauce, ketchup, garlic, 3 x strawberry preserves, coconut,
coconut milk, dressing, hot sauce, butter, yogurt x 8, kimchi, cilantro
yogurt starter, oranges, ground pork, dill weed, 1 thing strawberry yogurt,
earth balance, coconut shreds, dozen eggs, leeks, tofu leftover,
1 pkg tofu, wf cheese, yellow miso, red pepper paste, cabbage leftover,
3x chicken broth homemade, 1/2 box chicken stock, carrots, zuc,
spring onion, korean radish, celery


Before someone comments, yes there is A LOT of meat in my freezer however, I strongly believe in the “buying on sale” method. I buy meats on sale and we use them slowly, so you’ll notice there are many different types of meat in my freezer as well as seafoods. It would literally take us… 1-2 months to finish all that meat since we only eat 3-4 oz per person, and not everyday like most people, so keep this in minds. & yes I do have a lot of plastic baggies but I reuse those just wash, dry, reuse. Its simple!

So tell me guys, what’s in your fridge/freezer, & is there something in there thats unhealthy you should probably get rid of? If so, why and what is it? Leave me a comment

Have a great night guys! BYE!