Grocery Haul – Jan. 08, 2011

Hi Guys! Its Faylina & Cain here (my step son!)

Today my family and myself went grocery shopping, just an FYI this is not a vegetarian haul as I bought fish products for my step son. I hope you enjoy this video, this is what we got :

Whole Foods;
1 big bunch of beets with the greens on them
  – Beet greens are fantastic for you. You can chop them up for salads, as well as juice them, steam them, or just plain eat them. Even the little guy said they’re tasty!
1 bunch carrots with the greens
  – carrot greens are edible, same thing with beets, you can put them in salads, juice them, and again Cain says they’re nummy!
1lb organic romaine lettuce
1/2 lb organic green leaf lettuce
.40lbs white quinoa
organic peppermint
organic psyllium husk
organic cayenne pepper
about 50 empty vegan capsules
1 large bottle of braggs liquid aminos
big bulk bag of organic oat groats
5lb bag of organic juicing carrots

On the food part I spent $28.43 and on the nonfood it was $1.89 for a total of $30.32!
I bought lots of stuff that was on sale, as always its a great idea to buy with the sales and the season, you’ll save tons of money.

Asian Market:

2bags of green leaf lettuce
1 big bag of bean sprouts
1 napa cabbage
1 large piece of ginger
2 young Thai coconuts
5oz frozen flying fish roe
3lbs frozen whole squid

all of that was: $20.53 which was extremely cheap however we did splurge a little on the squid and fish roe. Normally I only spend 5-10$ there.
I spent a total of around $51.00

Normally my groceries aren’t that much but we enjoyed ourselves. I hope you guys enjoy. You know I’ll be showing you guys great recipes.
Have a nice guys from Cain (step son, not his real name though) & Faylina