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Hi Guys, I’m Jamie, but most call me Faylina Meir. I thought long and hard about how to write this page up. I think to myself; what can you say in text to make someone KNOW who you are? Well I’m suppose to say something like: I’m a 20 something year old born in 87′ midwest girl with an addiction to cooking, recipe creation, and creating food photography. My purpose for this website has changed probably 10 times since creating it back in February of 2010. It started out as a weightloss blog, however many failed attempts as trying to lose weight sorta derailed that concept. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m still losing weight, It’s just not my obsessive focus in life anymore. I then wanted to make it an all raw semi-Vegan website, however I realized that my passion for cooking for others whom weren’t vegan or vegeterarian made that pretty hard. I support a raw living foods lifestyle, If I haven’t already (depending on when you read this) posted articles on this subject, I will soon! I also support a vegetarian lifestyle, however I realize that its hard if not impossible for most people.

People often ask me these days: are you raw? are you vegan? are you veg? are you pesci?

My diet and lifestyle is ever changing depending on how my body is reacting to the current situations. I was strict vegan for over a year, and it caused me personally a lot of problems. On the other side, I was a meat eater for most of my life, and that lead me to 300lbs 5’7″ and very ill. Or was it? I’ve now come to the conclusion that over time it wasn’t about meat or no meat, raw or cooked, this or that, BUT the amounts and variations in our food, and especially calories that effect how you feel and what you weigh. Over what I hope to be months, and maybe years I would love to share this more indepth, so if you’re interested I would invite you to stick around.

Who are the other people in your videos?

Well I’m glad you asked!


Usually behind the camera, this handsome wonderful man is my dear husband. His name is Daniel, but he prefers to be called Tyrannius on the internet. (you’ll notice we’re a bunch of weirdos who prefer not to use our real names!) We both have no clue how much we’ll see of him or how much he’ll write up for the site, but I can tell you hes my rock & I couldn’t do it without him.

How did you two meet?

I get asked this A LOT!

We met in 2003 through the miracles of the internet. I won’t mention the website, but it was one of those profile sites where you share your interests with other bored people. Well one day this weird guy from across the state of Iowa contacted me to say Hi. We decided to meet up after chatting a couple times, so he drove across the state, took me out to dinner & a movie, we just had a great time. I remember thinking he was one of the weirded looking guy I’d met in a long time, he wasn’t really my type and he was the exact opposite of me in everyway. Over the next few weeks we talked and talked and talked. Thank goodness for free long distance on cell phones or it would have been so expensive! About 3 weeks after we first met, I just blurted out that I loved him, and oddly enough he said it back. It wasn’t long after he moved in. We decided to get engaged summer of 2004 and we were married on August 17th, 2004. We won’t lie, its been a long and pretty tough road for us. We’d had times of great joy, and we’ve had times were we almost lived in a car, but in the end there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Currently we live in the midtown area of Omaha, Ne close to family and friends. We are enjoying the city life and all it offers, neither of us could tell you what the future holds, but I can tell you that with my dearest husband I will face anything.


Last, but certainly not least is my (step) son Toby, however he likes to be called Cain. You’ll notice I call him my son 99% of the time & thats just how I feel. He is the most wonderful thing in the world to both my husband and myself. He loves to be in the videos and help with whatever I’ll let him. Naturally hes always been very healthy, skinny, and full of life. He just makes you happy whenever hes around. Really not much to say about him, other then hes my little teddy bear.


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