Healthy Lunchbox Ideas – #1

So this is something I plan to do on a VERY frequent basis because I cook all of my husband’s (as-well as mine & Cain’s) lunches for him to take to work. It has crossed my mind most people could benefit from these ideas. Healthy at work can be hard for some people, I’m hoping I can give you some great ideas.

LunchBox idea #1 is my  Indian Inspired Tofu Rice Masala (Recipe Here) with 1 cup steamed carrots, 1/2 very large cucumber with a lite salad dressing, & a small bag of Cheese-y Raw Vegan Swiss Chard Chips (Recipe Here) .

This meal is great for several reasons.

1 : This entire meal is very budget friendly. This is probably about $2.50 total! That’s less than what you’d pay to drive to a fast-food place, and order a “value” meal. This obviously will vary depending on the season as well as your location.

2 : This particular meal is vegan friendly. It contains no animal products, bi-products, or the like. It is also gluten-free, and nearly salt free.

3 : It can be considered (depending on your diet) low calorie. It comes in at 825 total calories, and contains 70% yes I said 70 PERCENT of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals. It is 50% carbs (106g), 37% fat (35g), and 23% protein (30g).

4 : Can be eaten without reheating, or reheats easily in the microwave. Even though we hate to admit it, microwaving is one of the few ways to get a hot meal at work, my husband has to do this. This meal however can be eaten cold, just depends on your personal taste.

5 : Minus the “chips” this meal made be put together in less than 20 minutes, and is a great leftover type meal.

(click to see full photo breakdown of nutritional values)