Healthy LunchBox Ideas #3

Today’s lunchbox has an Asian twist in it. Its still healthy, but leaves you feeling fuller than other healthy meals would. Its also very budget friendly, making this an A+ meal in my book! I mean, who doesn’t need to save money these days?

For Today’s Menu we have 1 serving of my peanut butter chicken recipe (Recipe Here) tossed with Chinese style wheat noodles , 4 large celery stalks cut into more bite size pieces, a side of my homemade peanut sauce (Recipe Here) for dipping, and one ripe banana.

Pros of this lunch:

*Cheap! this meal cost me $2.00 approximately to make.
*This meal is healthy, while the original recipe calls for chicken, this could very easily be veganized!
*Quick to make. This entire meal took me about 7 minute to make, including the homemade peanut butter sauce
*Decent in calories, high in vitamins and minerals


*Depending on the microwave, it could get mushy

(click to see full photo breakdown of nutritional values)