New Login ability UPDATE! ^.^

so for awhile now I have had comments on private, and while I still am going to do this. (spam bots are crazy guys) I have now made it so you can integrate my website with your facebook login. Now commenting is super easy. In the right hand corner on the side you’ll see a familar button to signup with facebook.

Q: What if I already signed up?
A: Well if you’ve already signed up and want to continue using that, feel free. Just type in your current information and log in. If you want to use facebook instead, click connect to facebook.
Q:  Is my information secure?
A: YES! I don’t see your email or anything else. Don’t worry.

Q: Why should I waste my time?
A: Well I don’t think its a waste of time, but you’ll be doing a couple things. One, you’ll get to leave comments and talk with other people who find my website helpful. Two, you will be helping me by getting the word out there I exist. I don’t pay for advertising or anything so my website grows by word of mouth. Three, logging in will be a ton more easier. If after these three you haven’t found anything, maybe this isn’t for you.