05/21/2011 – “Doomsday” @ the farmers market! Yummerz <3

I dare you to think of how you’d want to spend your last day on Earth. While I never believed the “DoomsDay” hype, I still thought it was even more reason to go out and enjoy life. My step son was with me for the weekend so we decided to hit up the local farmers market. We got there plenty early and walked around and chatted with all the vendors. Its so great to visit with the people who grow your food, they’re usually kind people with lots to say. Once 8am rolled around it was buy buy. We purchased bok choy, radishes, spring onions, swiss chard, mint, lots of tomatoes, eggs, & more. My step son had a wonderful time, we ate enchilladas from a local place, zipped fresh made lemonade, & enjoyed life to the best.

If local food wasn’t fun enough, we then went to the local park. We played on the slides for quiet awhile, then walked around the wildlife refuge. The swans, koi fish, and various art pieces are so beautiful, we could stare at them all day! Sadly though we were both a little tired, having not slept the best the night before. So we went home, finished off our video and called it quits. Relaxing infront of the computer, playing a game together.

Our night closed with the entire family coming together to go see “Tron©” in theaters. It was an awesome movie and the kids really loved it!

I dare you to think of a better day on earth than family, friends, good food, and fun.

see you later, bye guys! <3
-Faylina & Cain