Reusing “broken” jug & filter to make new water filter!

Okay this is kinda silly, but its a simple example of “reusing” items that are maybe past their prime. I had an older culligan water jug, 3 gal size, that was messed up on the top. It had a hole or two in the side and the lid was way warped. So I cut the top off the jug and made it into a larger size hole that had solid sides. I also had an old britta pitcher insert, so I combined the two. Add this with the hose from my shower, makes a hands free large sized water filter!
The original pitcher for the brita (which I show in the video) had a crack all down the side and it could no longer hold water. Its hard to see, but its there.

All in all, I took two items which most people would have tossed out, because they were longer “perfect” & repurposed them into a new item. Its little things like this that can help the planet.