Love With Food Unboxing February 2015 – Deluxe Box

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Anyways, It’s that time of month again guys where I get to open up my love with food box and feel like it’s Christmas! I have mixed feelings about this month’s box as you can see from my reactions. The cheese puff things aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, I tried them. They make me think of cheesy poofs from south park, LOL!

Here is what was in this months box:

2 packages of Lemon wafer bites by Dolcetto
2 packages of Traditional hot chocolate by Monbana
2 packages of Olive oil chips by Boulder Canyon
2 packages of Baked Mac N’ Cheese puffs by Snikiddy
4 pieces of Milk Chocolate by Divine Chocolate
4 packets of Original Creole Seasoning by Tony Chachere’s
2 rIse energy bars by Rise bar
4 toffee crunch trufflecremes by Dilettante
1 package of Cookie Things by Mrs. Thinsters
1 package of Rosemary and sea salt pork clouds by Bacon’s Heir